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pxrelily asked:

Okay last one, sorry! Diana Moldovan, Anna Selezneva and Vika Falileeva.

! Diana Moldovan face I can’t look away! I see most of her in street style which I love I would like to see her in new runaways and the cover of velvet was so gorgeous, I was I awe!
Anna Selezneva has a gorgeous face and I adore the looks she’s given in every runway show. Like I said Russian models are fierce competition because they all have this look that works well with all styles of clothes. My favorite shoot is the natural one where she’s nude or the for love and lemons look book
Vika Falileeva uhm haven’t seen like anything but I want to she is gorgeous and has a pretty name


pxrelily asked:

Josephine Skriver, Ginta Lapina, Olga sherer, Sasha pivavarova

Josephine Skriver!! OMG gorgeous skin tone! In love with her walk ad look at zac Posen and Diane von Furstenberg ! I want all of her clothes and HER SMILE
Ginta Lapina is sooo fresh looking! And in the dolce and gabanna runway and at Donna Karan! She’s so photogenic! Like her editorials are uncanny! She’s is amazing. Did you she her in vogue Mexico, so amazing!
Olga sherer, never really seen her tbh. But she’s every gorgeous and I want to look her up some more.
Sasha pivavarova! My bitch! I have a biased for Russian models I think they are the best because of attitude and looks. She seems so down to earth and her art is beautiful. She’s amazing and she’ll be around for a whole I believe her career is far from over

pxrelily asked:

Malaika Firth, Andreea Diaconu, Jac Jagaciak, Frida Gustsvsson, Karlie Kloss.

Malaika Firth is so cute I love her so much! I love her in natural editorials or shows that don’t use a lot of make up. I love her natural hair so much! I adore her
Andreea Diaconu was sooooo good in her vogue Spain shoot! HER HAIR IS SO PRETTY! And that bod OMG! I love her walk and I like her cheekbones haha.
Jac Jagaciak slated that public school runways!! Yes he was soo perfect for that!! She’s so adorable and just gorgeous! THESE POLISH MODELS I SWEAR! She just has this effortless beauty about her and I’m a big fan I love her when she cut her hair to above the shoulders she looked so good! I loved her in the shoot with zombie boy!
Frida Gustavsson I love best with golden hair and red lips. She’s so perfect and when they put that blonde bob on her, she looked so amazing!!! I was a really big fan of her in the Alexander McQueen show last year!
Karlie Kloss she’s really fierce, perfect walk, very demanding and amazing but honestly never really got into her. Sorta plain but she’s pretty!



Kristine Frøseth by Christopher Ferguson for Stonefox Magazine