cold hands,
colder heart
————don’t delete text, shouldn’t show up———
With me reaching my next thousand, I’ve decided to update my favorites page and I’m going to make it Cafai (; menu style with weekly specials and deals! 
Banner made by this lovely gal!
Mbf me(Cafai)
Must reblog this post(but feel free to bookmark)
All blog types are accepted
Promoted in a list 1-2 a week
Solo promoted 3 days a week( when requested)
New friend!
HTML help
First place I go when I queue(you’ll gain)
Place on my faves page
Anything else?
I will have one weekly special where people will get promoted for following. Kind of like a BOTW. Every one in my faves will get their chance.
Tagged a post with #cafai, telling me about yourself will increase your chances.
I’ll choose as many or as little blogs as I want!
Thank you! Happy Reblogging!